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3/30 Coaching Session
Current market (2:15) Question for the group (3:45) Social Security depletion: Which Generation feels it the most? (10:05) Economy and current events (19:00) GDP (24:10) What would you have done differently? $11M estate and no beneficiaries (29:00) Questions Is there anything related to mid-term elections that could skew the market? (38:45) Will Kanye's fallout help […]
A look at the market (1:48) Questions What is a bigger issue? (8:55) Can you have a recession without inflation? (14:20) Economy and current events (18:00) Student loan forgiveness (20:00) More Questions Do student loans get completely forgiven or delayed? (23:15) What are the pros and cons of trading on earnings? (25:55) What should I […]
A look at the market (2:55) What would you do? Netflix adds commercials (5:10)  Economy and current events (12:38) September inflation (18:00) Questions: How quick can we expect the market to rebound? (19:45) As a 26 year-old, what should I do with a lump sum of cash? (24:40) A look at the sectors’ performance (34:10) […]
A look at the market (1:40) Question for You - How would you cut back spending for the holidays? (7:00) Economy and current events (11:00) Questions Do you recommend adjustable rates when it comes to mortgages? (20:30) What does Beta signify with stocks? (26:30) Should I withdraw my money from my mutual funds and invest […]
A look at the market (1:50) Questions Which stocks are most responsible for the S&P 500 drop? (4:00) Should you day trade? (10:35) Is there a stock that is doing well right now? (19:50) Hurricane Ian’s impact on the market? (23:30) Economy and current events (26:20) Recession (33:25) More questions Why are companies still hiring […]
A look at the market (1:35) 5 year overview (6:20) Economy and current events (7:30) Questions Is the monthly reporting of CPI the best indicator for expected market performance? (12:05) Fed funds rate (16:30) Should the fed slow down rate hikes? Aren’t we already in a recession? (19:40) Buy a home with lower price + […]
A look at the market (1:55) Economy and current events (6:40) Questions What will it take to taper off and eventually decrease CPI / inflation? (14:00) How do I pick the right stock? (23:15) Can you explain Net Present Value (NPV)? (26:00) How to build a portfolio with example (29:20) Question bag Is it better […]
A look at the market (2:35) Economy and current events (5:35) Questions How does the Queen’s death affect the market? (11:10) What is net present value (NPV)? (14:25) What stops companies from issuing IPO’s? (17:15) What’s the deal with FAANG? (24:30) What are good ways to automate investing? (35:40) How to build a portfolio (43:35) […]
Current market (1:50) Economy and current events (9:10) Questions Why would anyone buy treasury bonds? (21:30) My car lease is about to end, how should I finance my car? (26:30) When is a good time to live off of dividends? (38:25) Dividend stocks (46:20) Question bag  What is a short sale in the stock market? […]
Current market (1:35) Student loan debt relief (5:10) Questions Is automation something to be concerned about for the future? (19:45) How can I benefit from a trust? (28:35) Trusts (36:30) Question bag What is a SPAC? (39:45) It’s just $20, should I play the lottery? (44:00) Stock breakdown Rivian Automotive (48:00)
Current market (1:25) Economy and current events (12:00) Questions  Tesla and other electric vehicles on the rise? (18:55) Blackrock and Coinbase? (26:25) What investment options are there for my young child? (33:10) What should I do regarding “meme” stocks? (46:35) Question bag Should I consider I Bonds? (54:25)
Current market (2:20) Economy and current events (7:00) Questions Are banks currently hurting? (13:40) What is the best way to go about investing if budgeting is my issue? (31:20) WHat about people not worried about a recession? (40:00) Reflection What things outside of the stock market make investing more difficult? (42:55) Rebalancing your portfolio (48:35) […]
How's the market?  Just sold my house and where should I park my money for the next 2 years? I pay my advisor 1% every year, I’m down 22% and not satisfied, Need a second opinion. I'm hoping to retire in 5 years.  How can you find ways to increase what you contribute to saving […]
How’s the market? (1:55) What about buying gold right now? (17:45) We are in a Recession (24:00) What is the difference between GOOGL and GOOG? (31:00) If I need to sell a stock/investment to pay bills how would I choose? (38:10) What to do? How to invest in a recession? 3 different people aged 35-40 […]
How’s the market? (1:50) Question for you - 6 month reflection (4:50) Questions What factors into a stock’s post-split performance? (9:50) Tesla selling Bitcoin after Musk’s claims (18:10) Objective of raising mortgage rates? (25:35) Economy and current events (29:45) Recession? (36:20) A look at S&P 500 during recessions (39:40) Pros & cons of: Picking an […]
Question for You - Market Performance (1:45) Questions  Buy on discount? (10:30) Will prior recessional knowledge suppress a looming recession? (17:15) Economy and Current Events (21:50) Worldwide Inflation (29:30) Inverted Yield Curve (31:20) Coaching Discussion  Biggest obstacle facing you as an investor currently? (35:40) What would success look like for you? (44:00) What can you […]
Coaching Session  How does the recent market performance affect you? (3:00) Questions What is the current impact of the Russia - Ukraine War? (10:00) What is wrong with the current US economy? (15:30) Current Events (23:00) Why do you think companies freeze hiring or make cuts? (27:00) How should consumers respond to this? (30:00) Do […]
Question for you (2:45) How do you feel about the market? Have you made any changes? Questions Is there concern with the Twitter buyout (6:45) What are common obstacles that you encounter with investing? (14:55) What is your objective for investing? (28:20) Discussion Retirement study: Nearly one-third of older Americans have less than $10,000 saved […]
Coaching Session The market has been down this year. Will it continue its trend and end the year down? (3:20) How many defined sectors are there in the market? (10:00) A look at S&P 500 (12:15) Questions: How do you value a company? (14:25) What is a DPO? (22:50) Is there a coincidence that a […]
Market has been down, what are you going to do about it? (2:05) Discussion What sectors do well during a recession? (8:35) How can you capitalize? (14:25) Questions What is contributing to the spike in gas prices? (21:20) Is gold worth investing in? (31:10) What happens when Amazon splits on June 3rd? (38:50) What are […]
Questions The Market Is Down. What do you want to do about it? (2:30) Asana stock down 72% (7:40) Market Index Review (19:44) Which companies are holding strong in a down market and why? (25:19) Great Resignation and how it affects us (32:03) Recession Talks and predictions (38:45) What about Real Estate and Investment Trusts? […]
Questions: NFL Draft: How much do you think the highest rookie contract is? (1:50) What do you know about Apple’s buyback? (9:45) Should I sell in this housing market? Or wait? (13:10) What stocks to look for during a housing crisis? Real Estate, Zillow, etc? (27:00) Twitter acquisition by Elon Musk: Is it too late […]
Questions: Margin Accounts and Investing - borrowing, lending, and shorting (2:40) Ability to borrow from the brokerage firm much like a pawn shop or any other standard where collateral is taken Minimum maintenance requirement for when investments fall Current Events: Russian - Ukrainian War (29:08) Twitter Buy-Out (35:25) Interest Rates and Inflation (44:50) Contingency Planning […]
Questions: Do stock splits, which result in more shares in the market, automatically result in greater volatility in the long-run? (2:20) How should potential investors perceive emerging technologies in the electric vehicle market? Is it wise to invest in companies like Charge Point, EvGo, Volta, etc? (7:35) How can I benefit from Options and under […]
Does the Fed rate hike help with inflation? (1:34) Will we see the mortgage rates going back up to double digits? (5:54) Are we in a renter’s nation because of lack of affordability? (8:20) Current Events Russian – Ukrainian War (16:28) Interest Rates Adjusted – Downstream Effects, mortgages, savings, credit etc. (20:24) Amazon 20 for […]
Russian-Ukrainian Conflict (1:40) What are the impacts of the sanctions on Russia? (3:20) What will it look like when the sanctions are lifted? (8:00) The effects of the Fed raising interest rates in the next couple of weeks. (11:40) I already have S&P 500 Index funds In my Roth, What else can I be doing? […]
When to use a Limit order versus a stop order. (1:45) What determines a company’s IPO? (10:29) What affect does the Russia-Ukraine crisis have right now in the market? (16:28) Peloton Buyout fallout? (22:45) First companies were interested, in buying Peloton, now nothing. (30:00) Market Sector Breakdown Understanding factors that make each of the 11 […]
Mawuli Vodi - Introduction and Background (0:33) Questions: 2022 Stock Market vs 2008 Economic Downturn, Movement of Gold and Interest rate yields, Effect of Inflation on the Stock Market (8:40) Budget Spreadsheet Overview (57:30) Essential Keys to Financial Presence: Introduction to Investing eBook Overview (1:05:30) Value Triangle: Performance, Faith and Fear (1:08:00) Supply and Demand […]
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