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Who is this for?

The families that immigrated here and don't get the opportunity to take risks because they are just trying to survive.
The people who make sacrifices in order to have their basic needs covered and investing seems so far from their everyday life.
The people who think they can only exchange their time for money.
The families that need help with talking to their loved ones about money.
The families who struggle to break the pattern of living paycheck to paycheck.
Parents who didn't get an inheritance.
Parents that want their children to understand finances better than they ever did.
Families that didn't have a brokerage firm in their neighborhood growing up
People interested in making a difference in their family’s future.

Stock Trading and Investing for Beginners

This course was developed with the intent to make life-changing adjustments and create wealth by managing risk.

You have found the most comprehensive intro course available to get you ready to immediately invest in the stock market, and increase your investment knowledge with your risk appetite in mind. This course delivers deep knowledge from Mawuli Vodi who spent nearly a decade as a licensed stockbroker and financial consultant.

Whats Included?

Financial Foundation Membership
Comprehensive 16-week Course with Over 50 Topics covered
Cheat Sheets
Lifetime access to Videos and Worksheets

What does the video course cover?

Module 1
Module 2
Module 3
Module 4
Initial Public Offering (IPO)
Voting Rights
Interest Rates
Market Forces – Supply and Demand
Market Capitalization
Reading a Stock Quote
Market Indexes: Dow Jones, S&P 500
Mutual Funds
Exchange Traded Funds 
Fixed Income
Learn more
Stock Splits, Forward and Reverse
Order Types – Market, Limit, Stop
Value Stocks vs Growth Stocks
Value Investing/Fundamental Analysis
Earnings Per Share, Price to Earnings Ratio, Price to Book Ratio
Financial Statements
Technical Analysis
Technical Indicators
Basic Chart Reading
Swing Trading
Long Term Investing
Short Term Investing
Investment Objectives
Investment Profiles: Aggressive, Moderate Growth, Conservative
Portfolio Strategies
Core Satellite Strategy
Margin – Borrowing Money
Shorting – Borrowing Stock
Do's and Don'ts of Trading
Real-Life Investment Applications
Dollar-Cost Averaging
The Rule of 72
Market Return
Brokerage Firms
Opening an Account
Personal Investing
Account types - Taxable, Tax-deferred, Retirement, etc
Discussing Investments with Loved Ones
Next Steps


Great information presented well. Presenter did a great job with keeping the audience engaged by presenting real life scenarios.

Seminar Attendee

“As someone who loves to learn, I was so grateful to come across this course by Mawuli. He is able to break complicated subjects down in a way that is understandable, even if you are completely new to talking about money. "


"I learned a lot about the class and many things in investing and stock markets.  I would recommend it to anyone interested in learning about stock markets and investing.  Mr. Vodi was very good, relaxed with a good point of view on how to teach."

Kristen T

My Story

I jumped into an investment industry that wasn’t the most welcoming, but it was the most rewarding financially. My time working with thousands of clients over the years taught me how to build a proper risk identity to invest comfortably. I started as kid out of college with no clue and eventually became a Branch Manager who led and taught so many more. Only 53% of families own stock and within that percentage, only 13% are Black/African American and 10% are Hispanic. I felt every bit of that while working in the industry. Time to change that.

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Time waits for no man or woman and it's especially true in the stock market. The market will move with or without you, the only way to get on board is to get the knowledge and put it to action. Enroll Now!

Understand Investing 

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Save time and effort by working with a subject matter expert who has real life experience and no conflict of interest. The comprehensive education and support you have been waiting on is finally here. You don’t need to sift through the internet with uncertainty. Leverage an expert’s experience to avoid the pain of your own mistakes. Eliminate the confusion, understand what your investment identity is and make money.

Here's What You Get In The Program

Intuitive Video Course To educate you to understand the investment environment and how you can make money
Tools, Worksheets and Handouts To immediately apply and confirm comprehension of the concepts
Live Coaching Calls 2x a month, Full Access to Financially Present Product Library and Financially Present Community (Generational Changer Members)
Financial Foundation $297 (Retail $2,247 value)
Full LIFETIME Access to Stock Trading and Investing for Beginners, Hours of Video Courses over 16 weeks and any related future videos covering 50+ topics.
Over 20 Worksheets and Handouts 
for each lesson ($299 value)
Quizzes for Each Module ($49 Value)
Essential Keys to Financial Presence: Introduction to Investing eBook ($39 Value)

LIFETIME Financially Present Community Access with Forum (*Exclusive Topics Available to Generational Changers Only $299 Value)

100 Critical Tips to Building Generational Wealth eBook ($99 Value)
Ongoing LIVE Group Coaching 
sessions With Mawuli Vodi ($4,999 Value)
LIFETIME access to recordings of Group coaching Sessions ($1,999 Value)
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