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At Financially Present, we provide the community, tools, and education that were never taught to generate Generational Wealth from scratch.
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"We think that by learning more, we'll be better equipped for the future. But in reality, having too much knowledge and not enough action can make us feel overwhelmed and paralyzed. Time to be present."

-Mawuli Vodi

We're on a Mission

Our goal: Empower communities to build Generational Wealth. Watch the video to see why…

Who We Are:

Financially Present is a state of mind and the place to be. We teach and coach to build better communities and future generations through stronger financially savvy families. Being Financially Present is a life skill that encourages and empowers minorities to invest and build generational wealth.

What We Do:

Engage, educate, and empower working families to enable stronger financial decision making and wealth building in underprivileged communities. We use classes, strategies, coaching and educational products to build confidence in beginner investors.

Why We Do It:

We look like you and have been through what you have been through. We are prepared to help minorities accumulate and maintain an empowered economic stance that lasts generations. Minorities have endured in this country for centuries; where their culture, style and cuisine is appreciated all over the world but not their presence or coordinated economic power. Of the 53% of households in the US who own stock, only 13% are Black and 10% are Latino. We will change that.

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What Our Members are Saying...

"I swear it was probably one of the best classes I have taken. I wanted to understand investing especially because a lot of young people my age are starting to get interested in it. I was nervous at first because I had no knowledge really whatsoever, but after this class and how Mawuli taught it, I truly have a better understanding of finance."


It was a very informative session and Mawuli did great with incorporating crowd participation during the workshop.

Seminar Attendee

Great information presented well. Presenter did a great job with keeping the audience engaged by presenting real life scenarios.

Seminar Attendee
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